Integration into CMake project

Vitali Lovich vlovich at
Wed Nov 12 19:08:43 CET 2008

Hi, I'm using CMake for my build system, and I was wondering how I would go
about integrating taglib into my CMake project.

Here's my current structure.

Project Foo
   Sub directory Bar1
        executable bar1
   Sub directory Bar2
        executable bar2
   Sub directory taglib (sources from taglib extracted here)

I want to have both bar1 & bar2 depend on TagLib - how would I go about
doing this without actually installing taglib on my system (is it even
possible)?  Namely, what's the dependency command I need in my
CMakeLists.txt + any include & link commands I would need.  Thanks.

I've tried `find_package(taglib)' but that throws an error in

find_package Error reading CMake code from

cmake configures the project fine if I do it as a standalone.
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