more-taglib-examples/taglib-set-picture.cpp on Visual Studio 2008

Daniel Önnerby daniel at
Thu Nov 6 08:48:50 CET 2008

> Now to the bug thing... when I change the third line from (const char*)
> to (const wchar_t*) the returned string is empty.
> Maybe I got this wrong.. but shouldn't wchar_t just be the same as the
> char but in unicode?
Just a side note to clarify:
Both char* and wchar_t* are most likely unicode stings. The difference 
is that char* is encoded in UTF-8 (at leased 1 byte per character) and 
is backwards compatible with standard ASCII, and a wchar_t* is encoded 
in UTF-16 (at leased 2 bytes per character) and is not compatible with 
To convert between the two, you need some sort of UTF library like

Best regards

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