Optimize the SynchData::decode

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Tue Mar 25 01:38:26 CET 2008

Daniel wrote:
> Never mind :)
> I modified the ByteVector::replace and the time went from 15-30 seconds 
> down to 0.x seconds (didn't do any real benchmark). I haven't tested 
> this fully yet, but it seem to work as it should. Is this something that 
> the taglib team is interested in?

Sure.  Make sure that if you get anything to put it in a bug report too 
(since those don't get lost as easily as mails).  I'm super busy right 
now so it'll probably be at least two weeks before I have any time to 
look at anything TagLib related.  (That goes for some of the other 
recent mails too...)


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