Optimize the SynchData::decode

Daniel doep at onnerby.se
Tue Mar 25 01:17:56 CET 2008

Never mind :)

I modified the ByteVector::replace and the time went from 15-30 seconds 
down to 0.x seconds (didn't do any real benchmark). I haven't tested 
this fully yet, but it seem to work as it should. Is this something that 
the taglib team is interested in?

Best regards

Daniel Önnerby wrote:
> Hi again!
> I have some mp3s using id3v2 tags that seems to be unsyncronized (I do 
> not really know what that means). They have a thumbnail embedded (APIC) 
> and when I open the file with
> TagLib::MPEG::File mp3file("myfile.mp3");
> It will take a VERY long time (between 15-30 seconds) to read the tags. 
> I tracked down what took so long and found that it was the 
> SynchData::decode method when it decodes the APIC frame that in my 
> example is about 300Kb.
> I think this kind of "slow" files are very uncommon, but since we are 
> writing a application that's suppose to handle your mp3 library it would 
> be nice if this could be optimized.
> Is this something that someone else has come across or has anyone 
> already optimized this?
> Best regards
> Daniel
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