TagLib 1.5 Release

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Mon Feb 25 14:45:45 CET 2008

Rex Dieter wrote:
> Can't speak for asf, but I can vouch that at least for fedora, legal
> reviewed mp4, and determined that the mp4 container isn't encumbered, and
> that metadata parsing, manipulation is kosher (outside of actual decoding). 
> This is how many distros include libmp4v2.

Hi Rex --

What would it take to get them to do a quick review on ASF?  It would be 
wonderful if it were possible to get an answer from them on that.

Per Lucas's comments -- my worries aren't so much that MS or Apple is 
going to come after us personally.  If anything, they'd probably just 
send a cease and desist letter if they cared.  I'm more worried about 
TagLib being not included in distributions if it moves over into legal 
gray area.


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