TagLib 1.5 Release

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Mon Feb 25 14:30:32 CET 2008

Lukáš Lalinský wrote:

> Now that 1.5 is out and I already had one person asking me to sync
> taglib.ext with 1.5/SVN, I was wondering whether you would be ok with
> adding the MP4 and ASF code from there to SVN. I know you didn't want
> that for possible legal and other issues

Can't speak for asf, but I can vouch that at least for fedora, legal
reviewed mp4, and determined that the mp4 container isn't encumbered, and
that metadata parsing, manipulation is kosher (outside of actual decoding). 
This is how many distros include libmp4v2.

-- Rex

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