Extending TagLib::Tag's interface.

Jeff Mitchell kde-dev at emailgoeshere.com
Thu Apr 24 23:29:23 CEST 2008

Lukáš Lalinský wrote:
> Dňa Št, 2008-04-24 o 07:32 -0400, Jeff Mitchell napísal:
>> 1) We don't know what all past and future players use for such
>> information -- 
>> will they use pre-defined fields, or will they use text fields (and if so 
>> what format), or will they put it in comment fields?  Oftentimes there are 
>> predefined fields, and they're not used, in favor of some proprietary method 
>> (sure, you could interoperate with the "iTunes" comment tag, but that doesn't 
>> help you get *your* name out there, does it?  And in one of our experiements, 
>> the frame had our name and website as mandated by the ID3 spec, and we got 
>> some users railing about how Amarok was marketing itself in *their* 
>> files...  :-(  )
> Because you were wrong. The ID3 specification says to use URL as the
> owner of UFID frames, not a description (in all caps) how will Amarok
> help you discover your music.

Not quite.  I maintain that the spec is not well written here.  From the 

It is a null-terminated string with a URL [URL] containing an email 
address, or a link to a location where an email address can be found, 
that belongs to the organisation responsible for this specific database 

The string we used was, IIRC, "AMAROK - REDISCOVER YOUR MUSIC AT 

This fits the description of "a null-terminated string with a link to a 
location where an email address..."  It doesn't say that the string 
*only* contains a URL (or email address).  Just that it must contain one.

Since you chose to mention the fact that it was in all caps, I'll 
address that: the fact that it was in all caps was not for marketing 
reasons.  Rather, it was because at the time we were testing this out, 
we were unsure whether we were going to change "amaroK" to "Amarok", so 
rather than worry about having to run .toLower operations on strings in 
potentially tens of thousands of files in a collection, I decided to 
simply use all uppercase.


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