Generic API useless with Unicode for ID3v2?

Andreas Klöckner lists at
Wed Oct 17 20:49:08 CEST 2007

On Mittwoch 17 Oktober 2007, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Andreas Klöckner wrote:
> > In particular, that means you can't reliably use the generic API with
> > Unicode data on ID3v2 files.
> This is all actually quite easy, if not particularly obvious from the
> API.  All you have to do is call:
> TagLib::ID3v2::FrameFactory::setDefaultTextEncoding(...)
> After that all text frames that are written will use the specified
> encoding (unless they are specifically overridden on an frame-by-frame
> basis).

That's not how I'd read the code.

void ID3v2::Tag::setTextFrame(const ByteVector &id, const String &value)
  if(value.isEmpty()) {

    d->frameListMap[id].front()->setText(value); // (*)
  else {
    const String::Type encoding = d->factory->defaultTextEncoding();
    TextIdentificationFrame *f = new TextIdentificationFrame(id, encoding);

If we enter the case (*), no encoding is set. Am I mis-reading this?

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