Fwd: WMA Crashes collection scanner on Fedora 8

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Fri Nov 30 06:30:09 CET 2007

Jeff Mitchell wrote:
> On Thursday 29 November 2007, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> I would imagine that this is an "upstream" thing, i.e. the extra plugins could 
> be TagLibExt namespace.
> I'll take Lukáš' lead on this one, as he's "upstream".  Unless I'm missing 
> something?

There's no specific problem right now, this is just a general thing.  
Just like if you wanted to create a new thread class, I'd advise against 
naming it KThread and putting it in the global namespace since there's a 
fair chance that such might conflict someday with a KDE class.  If, for 
instance, you guys have an extension in your source called TagLib::Foo, 
and eventually Foo becomes supported in TagLib, it will conflict with 
your version.  Whereas if you guys put your extension in the 
Amarok::TagLib::Foo, then it would actually work.


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