having trouble to encode muti-byte char (chinese big5) to mp3's title using taglib

allen lau sirpelidor at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 31 18:59:49 CEST 2007


I was reading the thread on February 2007 titled: "bug
encoding multibyte?   Ray".  But I didn't find my
answer, hope I can get my anaswer here :)

I was trying to write a chinese (big5) song title into
a mp3 file using TagLib.  Upon completed operation,
the song title shows as ????.mp3 in both window and
ITunes.  I think I must missing a small step... would
anyone please help me take a look at what I did wrong?

Thank you

string path = "C:/test.mp3";

                TagLib.File file =
                file.Tag.Title = "黎明";
//big5 chinese char
            catch (Exception e)

when done, my test.mp3 will turned into ?? ??.mp3 in
both window and iTune.  I think I must be missing a
step or do...maybe change an encode format through
certain object's properties?

Thank you very much.

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