where to store bpm info

Vincent Osmont vincent.osmont at yahoo.fr
Fri Mar 30 14:03:44 CEST 2007

Scott wrote:
  > You have to use the full ID3v2 API and then set a value for a 
> TextIdentificationFrame with the type "TBPM".

  I had the same problem.
  You could indeed use the full ID3V2 API, but then you have to look after music file type and call the right API for your file (MP3 id3v2 ape, OGG, ...) and it removes the TagLib's interest (from my point of view : forget metatag format and let TagLib make all the work).
  So I've added 'composer' and 'bpm' field in the main API.
  It's available at http://nosbox.free.fr/taglib/patch/
  I'm affraid that it break what is called binary compatibility.
  Besides, it can't remember why,  Scott didn't want that extension :(
  PS : to populate bpm field in MP3 files, I use 'MixMeister BPM Analyser', which is free and works well (but under Windows)

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