where to store bpm info

Bryan Larsen bryanlarsen at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 27 20:31:26 CEST 2007

iTunes and taglib both store bpm in the ID3V2 tag "TBP".

In the past, when I've wanted it in a filename, I just create 
directories of symbolic links like so:

"dj/lindy_hop/187 - Count Basie - Jive at Five" links to 
"../../../albums/Count Basie/The Complete Decca Recordings Disc 3/15 - 
Jive at Five.mp3"

scripts to do this are long gone, but easy to create.


Veit Hailperin wrote:
> Hi
> I've ran into various ways. There are people putting it into the tag, 
> infront of the title, in the filename....
> But all these ways have earlier or later some problem with it. E.g. - 
> when I want to know all the titles of a folder, and I write them into a 
> sorted list, I'll have aftewards a numerical sorted one. Not name-wise.
> So, my question to you guys - Is there any good place, where to store 
> BPM information? Where do you store it, in case you have it.
> ~Veit
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