metatagged comments from iTunes in Amarok

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Thu Mar 8 16:57:35 CET 2007

Bryan Larsen wrote:
> What about CDDB lookup ID's?  I think Apple made the right call on that 
> one.  It's not binary data, it's information that a knowledgeable user 
> can turn into a URL.  In fact, it looks like iTunes is more right than 
> TagLib here.

That's silly.  It's pretty clearly information which is primarily used 
programmtically.  If it were real comment data we wouldn't be trying to 
make it not show up in the interface.  A sufficiently knowledgeable user 
can read pretty much any raw data; that seems irrelevant.  I've never 
seen any moderately popular program that intentionally showed users CDDB 
IDs (including iTunes). 

GEOB isn't specifically for binary data -- it's for generic data with a 
given mime type.

I'm not completely against changing this, but if it's going to be 
changed I'd prefer to have a catalog of how various popular tools on 
various platforms handle the comment.  Short of that, well, it's just 
Yet Another iTunes Bug.


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