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On Friday 08 June 2007 01:30:23 Michael wrote:
> Michael Pyne wrote:
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> > If it works I'll commit it when I get home tomorrow if Scott doesn't beat
> > me to it.
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> > Regards,
> >  - Michael Pyne
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> No offense, I'm just curious. Is there some priority model on what gets
> commited quick and what has to have more review?
> I am asking because some people post patches that wait for months while
> other patches land within days. Among them but not limited to just
> those, I am thinking of the three patches that Stephen F. Booth has
> posted on the 27th of May, those looked like issues that may affect a
> lot of users of TagLib, not only at compile time. And I believe I've
> seen more patches posted to the KDE bug system that are still in
> 'unconfirmed' status.
> Where is the best place to post patches? Is there something the creators
> of patches should now or do to speed up the commit?

If you open a bug on and attach the patch, at least it can be 
tracked easily.


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