The speedy commit of patches...

Michael princip2000 at
Fri Jun 8 00:30:23 CEST 2007

Michael Pyne wrote:
> [..]
> If it works I'll commit it when I get home tomorrow if Scott doesn't beat me 
> to it.
> Regards,
>  - Michael Pyne
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No offense, I'm just curious. Is there some priority model on what gets 
commited quick and what has to have more review?

I am asking because some people post patches that wait for months while 
other patches land within days. Among them but not limited to just 
those, I am thinking of the three patches that Stephen F. Booth has 
posted on the 27th of May, those looked like issues that may affect a 
lot of users of TagLib, not only at compile time. And I believe I've 
seen more patches posted to the KDE bug system that are still in 
'unconfirmed' status.

Where is the best place to post patches? Is there something the creators 
of patches should now or do to speed up the commit?


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