First results of my evaluation of taglib against id3tag

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Wed Jan 10 21:05:13 CET 2007

Xavier Duret wrote:
> So how do you deal with that?

Specifically because of this problem I added an enumeration in the 
scanning API (AudioProperties) when I first designed it that had options 
between "Fast", "Average" and "Accurate".  I just never got around to 
implementing the full scanning version.  It's just a matter of someone 
doing it, mostly.

Notable caveat for anyone interested:  the trick to this is computing 
where TagLib should expect to find the last frame and then seeing if 
it's actually there.  If it is, that should be enough for "Average" to 
assume that it's a CBR file.  If not, then it has to scan everything.


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