Comparing the results of id3tag to the results of taglib: 3 potential bugs

Xavier Duret xavier.duret at
Wed Jan 10 18:45:38 CET 2007

So I have been comparing the output of id3tag, taglib 1.4 and taglib svn 621706.

taglib is usually much better than id3tag. It has however the tendency to report trailing spaces in strings like Album name. I check with an hex editor and found out that the spaces are indeed present in the tag. Given that this string is not null terminated, I suppose that there is a length field somewhere. I guess taglib is correct and the trailing space has been inserted by the encoder (or the program calling the encoder).

taglib 1.4 reports incorrect song duration for mp3 vbr files with Xing header while taglib svn 621706 reports 0 which I think is better.

taglib svn 621706 reports an incorrect genre ("Blues") for some tracks without genre information.

taglib svn 621706 returns duplicate genre string like "Rock Rock" instead of "Rock" and "Pop Pop" instead of "Pop" (list is non exhaustive).

taglib svn 621706 cannot find the track number of some files while taglib 1.4 could do it.

I have the log files for the people that are interested.

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