ASF roundup

Martin Aumueller aumuell at
Sat Jan 6 12:48:49 CET 2007

On Sat Jan 6 2007, Lukáš Lalinský wrote:
> Xavier Duret  wrote / napísal(a):
> > - The topic of the repository. There is currently no central repository
> > for the "taglib plugins". Project that wish to use taglib and ASF need to
> > use the taglib delivery and rip the ASF code from Amarok. Would it be
> > possible to have them somewhere else like
> > "/kde/trunk/kdesupport/taglib-plugins" with the proper configure script?
> > Is it also possible to some mention of the plugins on the taglib webpage?
> If you want to use this code, I'd recommend to take the original from
> libtunepimp. Amarok has outdated version.

This would not have happened if there was a central place for taglib plugins - 
I also think that it is a good idea to have that.

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