ASF roundup

Xavier Duret xavier.duret at
Sat Jan 6 12:14:27 CET 2007

I am quite happy about how the discussion is evolving.

There are now 4 issues that need to be solved to fix the problem of ASF support using taglib.
- The topic of the source specification. William, can you tell us what you did to create your "asfheader.txt" document? In particular, did you read Microsoft specification? As a side note, can you specify whether the different fields are big-endian or little-endian?
- The topic of the patent. Looking at William's document, I claim that what is in there is not covered by US Patent 6,041,345 on the ground that there is no "error correcting data". Thankfully, you do not have to take my word for it if Scott manages to get one of the lawyers doing pro-bono work for KDE to have a look at the issue.
- The topic of the license. The implementation currently in Amarok is GPL Are the copyright owners willing to relicense it to LGPL?
- The topic of the repository. There is currently no central repository for the "taglib plugins". Project that wish to use taglib and ASF need to use the taglib delivery and rip the ASF code from Amarok. Would it be possible to have them somewhere else like "/kde/trunk/kdesupport/taglib-plugins" with the proper configure script? Is it also possible to some mention of the plugins on the taglib webpage?

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