GPL/LGPL (was: Re: bug encoding multibyte?)

Jonas Sundström jonas at
Tue Feb 6 12:59:34 CET 2007

On 5 feb 2007, at 22.11, Xavier Duret wrote:

>> Not the whole branch, only the ASF and MP4 implementations, but yes,
>> these two can't be integrated to TagLib. The ASF one was originally
>> LGPL, but I've changed my mind, so this new code is GPL.
> I would like the Firefly Media Server (GPL) to use taglib more
> extensively so I am not concerned.

The LGPL (not GPL) license was one of the reasons I decided to
use TagLib. (In Army Knife - an audio file metadata editor for BeOS,
Zeta and Haiku.)

I mostly write and contribute to BSD-/MIT-/PublicDomain-licensed
software. A GPL:ed library isn't high on my wishlist. FWIW.

/Jonas Sundström.     

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