Getting a "Vector Subscript out of range" error while saving a file

Satyeshwar Singh bagh11 at
Mon Sep 18 04:06:30 CEST 2006

I am trying to write a title to a file and the save function keeps giving me
an error saying the "Vector Subscript out of range". It happens at this
::memcpy(DATA(d) + originalSize, DATA(v.d), v.size());

Here is what the stack looks like
     tag.dll!TagLib::ByteVector::append(const TagLib::ByteVector & v={...})
Line 439    C++
     tag.dll!TagLib::ID3v2::CommentsFrame::renderFields()  Line 136 + 0x80
bytes    C++
     tag.dll!TagLib::ID3v2::Frame::render()  Line 112 + 0x13 bytes    C++
     tag.dll!TagLib::ID3v2::Tag::render()  Line 348 + 0x16 bytes    C++
     tag.dll!TagLib::MPEG::File::save(int tags=65535, bool
stripOthers=true)  Line 305 + 0x29 bytes    C++
     tag.dll!TagLib::MPEG::File::save(int tags=65535)  Line 267    C++
     tag.dll!TagLib::MPEG::File::save()  Line 262    C++

I am just using the writer example to write in a Win32 environment:

                TagLib::FileRef f(file_name);
                TagLib::String value = new_title;
                TagLib::Tag *t = f.tag();



Any ideas on what I am doing wrong here? Any help would be appreciated.

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