m4a tagging support?

Michael princip2000 at mail.ru
Wed Sep 6 22:31:30 CEST 2006

Brian Nickel wrote:
> Michael,
> There is a read-only patch at 
> http://www.isign-softart.de/download/taglib-1.4_with_itunes.tar.bz2
> I've made a readable/writable Mpeg4.File class based on it in my C# 
> library TagLib#, which shouldn't be too hard to backport to TagLib 
> (except for the fact there are 25 classes). You can get it here: 
> http://svn.myrealbox.com/viewcvs/trunk/taglib-sharp/src/TagLib/Mpeg4/
> - Brian
Thanks Brian! I had seen Jochen Issings patch but not your 
implementation. Looks interesting at first glance, I'll have a further 

I must say my question wasn't really for my own benefit, I'm not 
building an app right now. It was more of a general question for the 
benefit of OSS developers in general.

Wouldn't it be great for both Taglib and OSS developers when m4a tagging 
came out-of-the-box? Furthermore, I reckon the more centralized bug 
tracking system of Taglib would be an improvement over having multiple 
different third-party patches and their maintainers. I'm sure the 
developers of Amarok, Cog, Songbird or any other app using Taglib would 
welcome native support. Just getting the regular version, let's say 
Taglib 1.6, and the three most common formats in the world are supported.

In an earlier posting on this subject I read that Scott is very strict 
in what he allows in the lib and I think that's very good, that's what 
made Taglib such a clean, dependable and easy to use lib. Are any of 
these issues still unresolved?


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