APIC frames added with taglib don't show in Windows Media Player

Lukáš Lalinský lalinsky at gmail.com
Sat May 20 15:23:28 CEST 2006

Roel  wrote / napísal(a):
> Hi,
> I've written a small program to add picture frames (APIC) to id3v2 tags, 
> but the pictures I add don't show up in any media players (I've tried 
> Windows Media Player and a tagger called 'Zortam mp3 studio', I don't 
> now if Winamp can show the pictures at all). The pictures are there: I 
> can put them in, extract them again and they show up fine in any picture 
> viewer. It's just that other programs can't see they're there. Has 
> anyone had this problem before?
> To see where the problem could be, I've prepared two mp3 files: one with 
> the picture as added by taglib, the other one with the same picture as 
> added by Zortam mp3 Studio. Then I ran the two files through a binary 
> diff program and there were only a couple of differences between the 
> files, I think in the encoding. I made a screenshot of the binary diff 
> and put it in a zip, together with the two files. I put it on 
> http://www.stack.be/~roel/mp3aa-test.zip, if anyone has some time to 
> take a look at it to check it out. The screenshot of the diff only is on 
> http://www.stack.be/~roel/diff.GIF . Anyone with insights in the id3v2 
> spec care to have a look and see what they think? To me it seems that 
> the problem is that in Taglib-made one, the encoding of the description 
> is set to 0x2253 and in the other one 0x114b, but I don't see how they 
> get to those values - the only values valid according to the spec are 
> 0x00001 to 0x0004, but I guess I'm missing something. Thanks.

The file picture_added_with_mp3aa.mp3 from your zip file is not the same as on
the diff screenshot. The one from zip has ID3v2.3 tags and no APIC frame, the
one from screenshot has ID2v2.4 tags.

But the more important thing is that Windows Media Player can't read ID3v2.4
tags. So if it doesn't see ID3v2.3 tags in a file, it fallbacks to ID3v1 and
obviously can't show the album art.

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