question about supported audio files

Roberto Martelloni r.martelloni2003 at
Mon Mar 20 11:00:13 CET 2006

On 13 Mar 2006, at 22:50, Roberto Martelloni wrote:

>> AAC is actually just a codec, can you specify the file type
>> (container type) you want/need to use?
> hum, i just new of this kinds of multimedia related things, i dont  
> know what kind of containter type i need to handle,
> i will ask to my pjm in the next days, see soon..

K, i make some research and i thinks, i found the points.

MP3 and OGG is natively supported by taglib.
For AAC and FLAC i thinks the container for me was MP4 so i have some  
- use a external patch for handle mp4 files
- use an external patch for handle wma files


- use 
metadata/ plugin to taglib for handle mp4 and wma
( i dont know how )

i thinks the best way was the last one, in the next day i try to  
"make all the things work".
i thinks, is all ok, isn't it ?

Cheers, R.
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