speed on windows

Sebastian Pipping webmaster at hartwork.org
Wed Jul 26 02:03:50 CEST 2006

Michael Tharp wrote:
>> Just to be clear, I really don't intend to let the code base diverge 
>> where not we're not facing real compatibility issues.  (Just as I 
>> wouldn't add hack arounds for a super-fast BSD API.)
> I agree - it's not very often that you scan thousands of files at once, 
> and if you are, you're probably expecting a bit of a wait. If you can 
> get the load times down without diverging from cross-compatible methods, 
> great, otherwise it isn't really worth the change.

that the user expects an operation to take some time is
in no way a justification to not try to speed it up.
especially when an application does not allow the user
do other things while a lengthy operation is running.


Sebastian Pipping

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