speed on windows

Michael Tharp gxti at partiallystapled.com
Tue Jul 25 23:19:05 CEST 2006

Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Uhm, fopen() and friends aren't UNIX functions, they're standard C.
Correct. Windows is the odd man out here. Have you tried open() and 
friends? They're also standard, and even closer to the OS, so maybe 
they're implemented better under Windows than the FILE-oriented ones.
> Just to be clear, I really don't intend to let the code base diverge 
> where not we're not facing real compatibility issues.  (Just as I 
> wouldn't add hack arounds for a super-fast BSD API.)
I agree - it's not very often that you scan thousands of files at once, 
and if you are, you're probably expecting a bit of a wait. If you can 
get the load times down without diverging from cross-compatible methods, 
great, otherwise it isn't really worth the change.

-- michael tharp

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