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Thu Jul 20 20:19:02 CEST 2006

On Thursday July 20 2006 01:31, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Ok, since this is something of a big topic I thought I'd break it out into
> a separate thread.
> I think there are three major categories of issues:
> - Symbols need to be explicitly exported.

Done in most patches and seems to work with gcc as well.

> - Build system issues.

cmake, I can keep track of that part on both linux and windows.

> - General compatibility issues.

only Taglib::File needs a bunch of ifdef/else crap (yeah, I don't like such 
code either but there's no other way), the rest compiles "as is".

> For build systems Stefan likes CMake.  CMake seems to be mostly compiler
> agnostic (as opposed to picking a fixed version of Visual Studio's project
> files).  Are any of the folks working on Windows opposed to CMake or have
> other suggestions that they'd like considered?

Here some comparison about cmake vs. pure msvc projects:

pro cmake:
- works with pure MinGW (automake needs CygWin or MSYS)
- works on unix ;)
- used by kde4 ;)
- allows targets for packaging and install, unlike msvc projects AFAIK

con cmake:
- needs cmake (but then automake also has deps)
- msvc projects do not look as clean as handmade ones

> General compatibility at this point seems to be mostly the use of
> truncate() and a missing TagLib::File constructor.  Anything else
> significant?  It seems the consensus is that adding an additional
> constructor that uses "const wchar *" would suffice?  Are all of the
> Windows folks fine with that?

Well, for the ansi <-> utf8 conversions you need some additional code for the 
char * cases too. Just look at one of the numerous patches.

> Also, one non-technical, but important issue for me is the issue of
> maintenance.  I've said for a while that what's blocked TagLib on Windows
> is the lack of a maintainer.  Is one of you willing to have Windows related
> TagLib bugs assigned to them in Bugzilla?

Do you know if one can watch a certain component in bugzilla? That's the least 
I'd do and of course I'd do my best with fixing windows-specific bugs.

Btw, my current patch is at (warning 
for list archives: only temporary url until we've sorted out things).

Stefan aka mETz
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