TODO - The Windows Geschischte

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Thu Jul 20 01:31:59 CEST 2006

Ok, since this is something of a big topic I thought I'd break it out into a 
separate thread.

I think there are three major categories of issues:

- Symbols need to be explicitly exported.
- Build system issues.
- General compatibility issues.

The first one isn't Windows specific since recent GCCs (not the ones I use, 
but...) support this as well.  I'll probably take one of the patches, clean 
it up and commit that just leaving out the Windows specific defines.  This 
should make the size of the Windows patches go down significantly.

For build systems Stefan likes CMake.  CMake seems to be mostly compiler 
agnostic (as opposed to picking a fixed version of Visual Studio's project 
files).  Are any of the folks working on Windows opposed to CMake or have 
other suggestions that they'd like considered?

General compatibility at this point seems to be mostly the use of truncate() 
and a missing TagLib::File constructor.  Anything else significant?  It seems 
the consensus is that adding an additional constructor that uses "const wchar 
*" would suffice?  Are all of the Windows folks fine with that?

Also, one non-technical, but important issue for me is the issue of 
maintenance.  I've said for a while that what's blocked TagLib on Windows is 
the lack of a maintainer.  Is one of you willing to have Windows related 
TagLib bugs assigned to them in Bugzilla?



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