Ape tags, includes and portability

Jonas Sundström jonas at kirilla.com
Tue Jul 18 18:46:16 CEST 2006

mETz <mETz81 at web.de> wrote:

> > > Just to sum things up what I'd like to maintain:
> > > - cmake files (working on both unix and windows
> > > of course)
> well, if we'd agree to stick to cmake we'd only need 
> one makefile system because cmake can create unix
> makefiles as well as msvc projects (all major versions). 

Sometimes cross-platform tools are not (yet).

There is at least one platform besides unix and windows, 
where cmake does not yet work, and where taglib is 
used: BeOS. 

The BeOS clone project, Haiku, is closer than BeOS to 
fully posix-compatible, FWIW, which should help using
unix-centric build tools.

/Jonas Sundström.                www.kirilla.com

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