Ape tags, includes and portability

Sebastian Pipping webmaster at hartwork.org
Tue Jul 18 16:17:29 CEST 2006

Scott Wheeler wrote:
>> In general I would like to know If my ideas
>> fit into your future visions in any way and what
>> other plans have been made for taglib's future.
>> It would be great if you could add me to the
>> developer list and give me subversion write access
>> but If you really dislike my ideas please say "no"
>> clearly.
> Just a quick note -- things being ignored right now doesn't mean,  
> "not interested" but rather, "main TagLib developer just moved a few  
> weeks ago and doesn't have DSL at home yet and as such isn't really  
> reviewing patches".  :-)

i noticed you replied to another mail after i sent
mine around. that's why i assumed you would not
reply to my question.

you moved? from inside berlin or somewhere else?
are you still working for native instruments?
just curious.

> You can add yourself to the list -- there's a link at the bottom of  
> every list mail to the mailman interface.  SVN access shouldn't be a  
> problem -- my DSL should be getting hooked up in a couple of days and  
> then I can get you set up there.

sorry, i am confused about this.
are you talking of a commit-notification-mailing-list?
where can i find this list? the only taglist related list
i found is "taglib-devel".

svn write access would be awesome.


Sebastian Pipping

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