Ape tags, includes and portability

mETz mETz81 at web.de
Tue Jul 18 12:36:40 CEST 2006

On Tuesday July 18 2006 12:17, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> > In general I would like to know If my ideas
> > fit into your future visions in any way and what
> > other plans have been made for taglib's future.
> > It would be great if you could add me to the
> > developer list and give me subversion write access
> > but If you really dislike my ideas please say "no"
> > clearly.
> Just a quick note -- things being ignored right now doesn't mean,
> "not interested" but rather, "main TagLib developer just moved a few
> weeks ago and doesn't have DSL at home yet and as such isn't really
> reviewing patches".  :-)

I also have a patch here adding cmake- and windows-support, partly based one 
the great work from Lukáš Lalinský (thanks for that, would have taken me ages 
to find out how to handle very long paths).
Maybe we can shorten the patch a bit with the defines Sebastian has proposed 
here :)

Just to sum things up what I'd like to maintain:
- cmake files (working on both unix and windows of course)
- mingw compatiblity and builds
- msvc2005 compatiblity and builds

Of course I'd be happy if there'd be at least one more person (Sebastian? 
Lukáš?) that knows about the windows specific code so Scott can do a release 
while somebody just has nice holidays ;)

Btw, where to put windows builds? Upload them on the taglib homepage or link 
to external sites like mine? I'd create a static site for the taglib-port in 
this case.

I'd also appreciate if Lukáš could do most of his work directly inside taglib 
instead of keeping it in another repository. I really don't think having 
several mini-forks is a good idea.

Stefan aka mETz
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