PATCH: Taglib 1.3.1 TAG extended

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Sat Jan 22 14:58:47 CET 2005

On Saturday 08 January 2005 11:48, you wrote:

> > That said, as this value isn't standard with any tag type except ID3v2 it
> > doesn't make sense to have it in the generic interface.  That class isn't
> > simply a convenience for TagLib users, it's meant to represent a
> > reasonable set of things that developers can expect to exist in most
> > tags.
> But thats the point. They DO exist in the tags AND are in the standard!
> That was the first thing I did. I read the standards of APE and
> Xiphcomment. ID3V2 supports it
> APE supports it
> XiphComment supports it.

I'm not sure which standard you're referring to -- I'm not saying that it's 
illegal to store in the way that you've done, I'm just saying that it's not 
something that extends beyond TagLib.

> The only thing with XiphComment is that there is not yet a standard but
> only proposals. So to be 100% standards conformant we mustn't even use
> TITLENAME= in Xiphcomment since its only proposed and not defined. Ok...
> we could add MOD support to taglib and then strip ALL but Titlename to
> be as generic as possible....

"Below is a proposed, minimal list of standard field names with a description 
of intended use."

It then lists many fields.  "MEDIA" is not among them.  That's what I'm 
getting at.

> I don't want to be offensive. I just saw that TagLibs "smallest set in
> common" is even smaller than it had to be. Please tell me what you think
> of it. (I will subscribe to taglib-devel to keep track of it)

I've toyed around with some schemes for making the Tag interface more 
extensible from a users perspective in 2.0, but fundamentally the abstract 
interface is meant to be simple.  It presently supports pretty much only 
what's supported -- officially -- in every format.  I'm not saying that such 
won't ever change in the future, but that's how it got the way that it is and 
I don't really think that was a mistake...


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