id3v2 version downgrade

gary+taglib at gary+taglib at
Fri Jan 7 03:47:22 CET 2005


Does anyone know of an easy way, using taglib or otherwise, to downgrade
a file's id3v2 tag from version 2.4 to 2.3? Looking at the taglib API,
the only way I can figure out to do it is to read the tag in frame by
frame, decode each frame, create a new frame with the same contents but
the intended id3v2 version, and use these new frames to create a new tag
to replace the old one. There's got to be an easier way though!

If you're curious, my motivation for this is because iTunes refuses to
recognize my id3v2.4 tags, whereas it has no problems with id3v2.3. If
someone knows of another solution to this iTunes problem, that'd be
great too.


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