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Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Thu Jan 6 09:02:57 CET 2005

On Thursday 06 January 2005 8:49, you wrote:
> To clarify what is happening if title is set to a
> value the title in the correct tag is set.  If title
> is null and it is an ID3v1 tag then it is set to the
> value of ID3v2 title if it is set.  The same happens
> with ID3v2 tags.  I don't understand why this is
> happening and I would rather it didn't.  Is there some
> way to keep this from happening or am I using the lib
> incorrectly?

There are two save calls in the MPEG::File API; you'll want to use the one 
that lets you specify which tags to save.

That does however have the side effect of stripping the tags which aren't 
saved.  If you file a wishlist item in KDE's bugtracking system that'll 
remind me to add a bool parameter to turn off stripping the unsaved tags 
before 1.4.

Also note that for future questions the taglib-devel mailing list (CC'ed) is 
the appropriate place.



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