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Andy Leadbetter andrew.leadbetter at
Wed Apr 27 23:22:59 CEST 2005

Hi there,

I am a relative noob to contributing patches to libs, but have been coding for 
years.  I have just converted to Fedora Core 3 development, and was 
desperately looking for a decent media jukebox.

I found amarok which fits all of my needs, but was disapointed that it did not 
support MP4, so I have implemented an MP4::FileRef class for taglib.

Its partially based on the WMA patch by Umesh Shankar. and indeed that patch 
is also included in the diff.

I dont expect scott to include in the core distribution since it introduces an 
external dependency to the MPEG4IP project from source forge.  

Feel free to try it out, though as a noob I can';t guarantee to solve any of 
you problems.  It worked for me though on the MP4 files I own.

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