Does TagLib support Vorbis files on SMB or NFS shares?

Jonas Sundström jonas at
Mon Apr 4 07:59:29 CEST 2005

Jeff Winters <micand at> wrote:
> Does TagLib support the reading of tags in 
> Ogg Vorbis files located on NFS or SMB shares? 

Are the problematic files missing their filename entensions?

The most simple use of the TagLib API makes TagLib guess the
filetype from the filename, and this will fail without extensions.
Developers are supposed to make use of the filetype systems
of each respective platform and use the filetype-specific parts
of TagLib.

I suppose if this was the case those files wouldn't work even
when copied to a local filesystem. Perhaps it's something 
about the platform's filetype lookup mechanism that fails 
over SMB and NFS. 

/Jonas Sundström.            

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