Does TagLib support Vorbis files on SMB or NFS shares?

Jeff Winters micand at
Fri Apr 1 10:48:44 CEST 2005


Does TagLib support the reading of tags in Ogg Vorbis files located on
NFS or SMB shares? Two TagLib-based applications, Amarok and and
wxMusik, refuse to load any of my Ogg Vorbis files located on a NFS or
SMB share. All the Vorbis files in question were created with oggenc,
using the -a (artist), -t (title) and other such parameters at encode
time to tag the files. Additionally, Amarok and wxMusik choke on
approximately 500 of my 8200 MP3's when loaded across the network. In
Amarok, if one manually browses to a problematic file and plays it,
the audio is fine -- the problem is that the tags are not recognized,
and so it is not loaded by the application. If any of the problematic
Vorbis or MP3 files are copied to a local filesystem, TagLib-based
applications have no trouble whatsoever loading the files and parsing
their tags. A multitude of other audio players, including Rhythmbox,
XMMS, mplayer, and Foobar2000, have no issues parsing the tags of the
files across the network. Before wxMusik switched to using TagLib with
its most recent release, it could load and parse any of the
problematic files without issue.

An example of a problematic Vorbis file can be downloaded here ( ) -- as it
is from a live recording, there should be no copyright issues with
posting it publicly. Please drop me an e-mail if an example of a
problematic MP3 file would prove helpful.

My apologies if this isn't quite the right place to post such an
inquiry. TagLib's homepage states that all TagLib-related questions
should be posted here, and at the moment it's not so much a bug report
as a question of functionality, so I reasoned that this was the most
appropriate venue. Any assistance will be much appreciated.



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