non latin1 id3v2 support

Nikolai Prokoschenko nikolai at
Mon Nov 29 00:50:00 CET 2004

On Mon, Nov 29, 2004 at 12:42:43AM +0100, paul-henri.ferme wrote:

> >Why would you want THAT??? Everything that's not latin1 should be encoded
> >in UTF-8 or UTF-16, which taglib supports. Which sense does it make to
> >support legacy encodings? However, You might want to suggest converting
> >non-latin1 non-unicode encodings to unicode and set the appropriate bits
> >in the tag.
> I agree with you that utf-8/16 is much better but i have been told that 
> cheap mp3 portable player typically do not support utf-8.
> In that case unicode is not an option, therefore my question.

I have one of these "cheap mp3 portable players". These do not support
id3v2 normally, and neither do they support drwaing any other characters
than latin1. So it wouldn't make any sense to introduce support for
cyrillic or greek when it just can't be displayed.

And BTW, such small hacks effectively stop the spreading of the unicode
standard. I don't think you are familiar with the russian hacker culture,
but the guys seem to add the three main encodings to every software which
doesn't seem to work well, no matter if this software doesn't work with
latin1 afterwards. Make one patched version of id3v2 and you'd get a lot
of software to support that - while effectively killing unicode and the
standard itself.

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