non latin1 id3v2 support

paul-henri.ferme paul-henri.ferme at
Mon Nov 29 00:42:43 CET 2004

Nikolai Prokoschenko wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 27, 2004 at 06:06:40AM +0100, paul-henri.ferme wrote:
>>In reference to Scott's comment below, I understand that non latin1 
>>encoding are often found in id3V1, although not supported by standards.
>>so it is probably a good idea to support them in prokyon3.
> I don't think it's a good idea. Any implementation of such a thing would
> be only a hack, which won't work correctly in 100% of cases. Non-latin
> tags should be switched to id3v2 - there's just no good mass-tagger under Linux
> which would support that
>>But what about id3v2?
>>Are there lots-of  non-latin1 encoded id3v2 files out there?
>>Will this make sense to support them as well?
>>How can we expand taglib to support more than Latin1, UTF-16, UTF-8?
> Why would you want THAT??? Everything that's not latin1 should be encoded
> in UTF-8 or UTF-16, which taglib supports. Which sense does it make to
> support legacy encodings? However, You might want to suggest converting
> non-latin1 non-unicode encodings to unicode and set the appropriate bits
> in the tag.

I agree with you that utf-8/16 is much better but i have been told that 
cheap mp3 portable player typically do not support utf-8.
In that case unicode is not an option, therefore my question.


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