taglib python bindings

Tor Hveem tor at bash.no
Thu Jul 29 21:32:41 CEST 2004

Hi list!

A friend of mine (Eivind M. Hvidevold) and I have made it possible to generate 
python bindings for taglib using SWIG, a simple makefile and a simple SWIG 
instruction file.

I have these files provided in a source rpm. Just rebuild the .src.rpm to get 
a binary rpm containing the bindings. SWIG generates som "ugly" warnings, but 
I consider them harmless.

You can download it here: http://hveem.no/src/python-taglib-1.1-3emh.src.rpm

Scott, we would find it great if these bindings eventually could be included 
in the distribution, ideally along with bindings for other languages as well.

Sample code:
from TagLib import *

fileref = FileRef("nice tune.mp3")
tag = fileref.tag()
year =  tag.year()
artist = tag.artist()
genre = tag.genre()
album = tag.album()
print "%s %s %s %s" %(year, artist, album, genre)

Tor Hveem

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