Taglib Python Bindings

Tor Hveem tor at bash.no
Sun Aug 15 19:08:08 CEST 2004

Sundag 15. august 2004 15:11 skreiv du:
> Hi,
> I've seen on the Taglib Devel Mailing-list that you created a Python
> binding of taglib.
> I'm interested in helping you to complete the job (if it's worth it)
> because i'd like to use it in some projects.
> But I only use Debian and the only files related to the python bindings
> I've been able to find are rpm sources packages.

It's a rather straightforward task to convert between rpm and other formats. A 
src.rpm is basically just a cpio image. But anyhow, I have created a 
tar.gz-package for your and other's convenience.

> Could you tell me if you will continue to work on these bindings (in
> this case, i'd like to contribute, though I've never made a binding of
> this kind) and if you will release .tar.gz files of the sources ?

Eivind M. Hvidevold and I will continue to work on the bindings, and we have 
completed the bindings for much more of TagLib's API since my previous mail 
to taglib-devel.

In particular the specific file-level classes are wrapped along with the ID3 
classes. We have also successfully tested id3v2-tags with picture storing and 
retrieval, along with the other types. For a complete list just look inside 
the TagLib.py file, or do a pydoc TagLib after installing the bindings.

Everyone that is interested can pick up the new version of the bindings here:

> Thanks for replying.

Feel free to submit bug reports for the bindings.

Tor Hveem

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