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Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at
Fri Jan 3 09:37:56 GMT 2020


A new year, a new release. We certainly wanted to do this, a lot
earlier, but we are about to release a new version of RKWard, and we
need your help for testing. Many of you have probably been using
development snapshots later than version 0.7.0, already. For those who
have not, the most prominent new feature to look out for is the
live-previews that were added to the script editor window, including a
preview for R Markdown (.Rmd) scripts.

Beyond this, for this round of testing I am particularly interested in
the startup procedure on the various platforms (some more specific
instructions at the end of this mail). Ideally you will not even see a
difference in regular use, but internally I had to change a few things,
and I hope things work reliably across the different platforms and
configurations. In this area, reports of success are just as important
as reports of failure!

No release timeline has been set, yet. But depending on the outcome of
your testing, a release in January should be realistic.


-- Mac users (and anybody with access to a Mac) --
- Get the latest DMG from

- You will have to install R, separately (if you don't already have it).
  In theory, any version between 3.4 and 3.6 should work.

- No further configuration should be needed. RKWard should detect the
  newest version of R installed.

- I *believe* that all versions of MacOS from El Capitain (10.11)
  should work, however, the only version I could test was Mojave.

-- Windows users --
- Get the latest installer from

- R 3.6.1 is included in the bundle. You should be able to start RKWard
  right away.

- If you have a separate version of R installed on this machine, please
  also try the following: Edit the rkward.ini file (inside the
  "bin" folder of your RKWard installation), changing the content to "R
  executable=auto". In theory this should detect your external R
  installation and use that.

-- Linux / BSD users --
- Compile the lastest git master version from source, or install one of
  the nightly builds, if we provide one for your distribution

- Should you have several versions of R installed, try
  switching between versions using the --r-executable commandline
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