[rkward-users] colors of suggested function arguments

dirk dns_hmpf at web.de
Sun Oct 9 22:37:55 UTC 2011

Am Sonntag 09 Oktober 2011, schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
> Any chance that you are running RKWard in a Gnome session? Could this be
> the same issue:
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9879841&posted=1#post9879841 
> ?
> If so, please try the workaround from post #3 of the forum.
No, this is on KDE 4.7.1. But the described workaround mentioned the term 
tooltip and that helped me to narrow this down a bit.

I tried the general different color settings in KDE (“Systemsettings -> 
Application Appearance -> Colors”) and found that using a different scheme has 
an impact on the tooltip. With Oxygen I get the problem as described, but 
using a light on dark theme like Obsidian Coast shows white text in the black 

In fact changing “Color set: Window -> Normal Text” changed the text color of 
this tooltip. The background however does not change when changing between 
schemes (tried 10 different ones) and I also could not find any specific color 
setting which changed the background.

Since changing anything in the “Colors -> Color set: Tooltip” part did not 
change anything for this tooltip, but for regular tooltips, I had a look at 
the source. RKFunctionArgHinter in rkcommandeditorwindow.cpp has a hack, 
which changes the colors for this tooltip.

I have no clue of C++, but when reading it and looking at
void QPalette::setColor ( ColorGroup group, ColorRole role, const QColor & 
color )

Sets the color in the specified color group, used for the given color role, to 
the specified solid color.
I had the impression it tries to assign the colors ToolTipBase and ToolTipText 
to Window and Text, but is it not already a tooltip, which should have 
ToolTipBase and ToolTipText set?

Well whatever,  I commented the hack out (ll 810-813) and while the colors do 
not respond to color changes in tooltip they respond to changes in window. I 
have no clue why the tooltip colors are not used (this is probably the 
reason for the hack?), but black on light gray is at least well readable.

This is really strange, especially since I am pretty sure to have seen the 
tooltips in the kde tooltip style already.


p.s. I was not subscribed so the message might not be placed in the right 
thread, sorry for that.

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