[rkward-users] GUI Experience - Box Plots

Vikas Garud information4vikas at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 10:46:08 UTC 2011


This is to share my experience of using GUI's for using various
Quality Management/Assurance tools.
A few days back, I had I had written a mail about Box plots and
received some very good suggestions, including that for simple
scripts.  Thanks everybody for the same.

Based on the suggestions, I am trying three GUI's:  R Commander,
JGR-Deducer combination and RKward.

For Box Plots, I found the JGR-Deducer combination the best choice.

I could not get box plots - Factors and Dodging - in R Commander and
RKward, though the reply on RKward mailing list suggests that the
newer version of RKward should solve the problem.

Thank you everybody for all the help.  I'll be asking questions about
various tools that I would like to deploy through GUI's for R.  I'll
also be sharing my experiences.

Vikas Garud

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