[rkward-users] Open scripts from console with rkward

iamcelestial at dir.bg iamcelestial at dir.bg
Thu Jun 2 10:46:02 UTC 2011

Hello, I have the following problem (Ubuntu 10.10):

I want to be able to load a script in rkward automatically just by 
clicking on it or by running rkward test.R in the console. (That's how 
I assigned a default program to open .R files).
Well when I run this, rkward opens but it gives me an error and 
doesn't open the R script. "Error loading Workspace, there has been an 
error opening /home/ap/test.R". Of course it functions when I proceed 
to open the script via the menu. Does that mean that all R files must 
be in some specific directory before I can open them from the console? 
 I am a total Newb in Linux, under Windows I'd just click on the R 
File and the editor would open it automatically... what can I do here?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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