[rkward-tracker] Launchpad: translations branch has not been set up.

Launchpad Translations noreply at launchpad.net
Wed May 25 05:21:28 UTC 2011


There was a problem with translations branch synchronization for
RKWard trunk series.

Branch synchronization for this release series has been set up to commit
translations snapshots to the bzr branch at lp:~rkward-devel/rkward/translation-export.

That branch does not appear to have been pushed to Launchpad yet.
Please create a branch on your own system that matches your needs, and
then push it to Launchpad using "bzr push lp:~rkward-devel/rkward/translation-export".

You'll need the bzr tool.  If all you want is an empty branch for the
translations to go into, you can create one using the following command

    bzr launchpad-login USERNAME

Instead of USERNAME, type your Launchpad login name.  Then:

    bzr init translations-export
    cd translations-export
    bzr commit --unchanged -m "Translations branch."
    bzr push lp:~rkward-devel/rkward/translation-export

This will create an empty branch on Launchpad.  It should be updated
with translations within the day.  You can update the branch on your
system with the latest changes on Launchpad by going back into the
translations-export directory and typing this command:

    bzr pull --remember lp:~rkward-devel/rkward/translation-export

More extensive help can be found at


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