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aggreagted main changes from SVN for reviewers

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 8                   medium           minimally improved default CSS. Should include short snippet of syntax highlighted commands / console transcript
 10                  high             no longer shows ".GlobalEnv" (addresses reviewer comment)
 11                  high             see Figure 8. At least this one is very easy to re-create
+Issues addressed by the reviewers
+* We improved grammar and orthographicla errors as suggested by the reviewers.
+* The first submitted paper (JSS 706) was splitted in a main paper focusing on GUI related features of RKWard and an annex which in detail describes the technologies that RKWard is based on. This resulted in circa XY% reduction in lengthAs suggested by the reviewer the .GlobalEnv is no longer presented to the used.
+* As suggested by a reviewer we added more details and citations on KDE and Qt technologies as footnote.
+* As suggested by a reviewer the .GlobalEnv is no longer presented to the user.
+* Figure X,Y,...Z were updated and reflect the changes (i.e. hiding of .GlobalEnv) as demanded by the reviewers.
+* The installation process was extended
+  + Citation were added which help to understand the port to platforms other than GNU/Linux.
+* In our paper we claimed that RKWard is aimed as productive too. We added citations, including one of the first author, from peer-review literature which specifically cite the usage of RKWard during their research work as support for our claim that RKWard's purpose is the usage as a productive tool.
+* We added a citation (Sarkar, Deepayan (2008) Lattice: Multivariate Data Visualization with R. Springer, New York. ISBN 978-0-387-75968-5) as a reference for readers to trellis object.
+* One of the main strength of RKWard is the plugin architechture. We moved the technical aspects to the annex and give references in the text accordingly.
+  + In addition to technical aspects we also inform the reader in the annex about the possibility to download user contributed ``plugin packs'' (as of v. 0.5.5) which are not included in the official releases.
+* MDI, TDI, SDI mixture needs some details (Stefan)
+* Section 3.7 Results output ~/.rkward needs update
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