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Author:   tfry
Date:     2011-05-22 18:33:34 +0000 (Sun, 22 May 2011)

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Based on Stefan's version, the next take on FreeBSD. Previous version sounded a bit like 'will probably work' to me. But fact is, they have
an official port of RKWard, showing we have fully arrived on FreeBSD, too.

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Modified: branches/jss_dec_10/FINAL_JSS_TEX/FINAL_splitted/installing_starting_RKWard.tex
--- branches/jss_dec_10/FINAL_JSS_TEX/FINAL_splitted/installing_starting_RKWard.tex	2011-05-22 18:10:49 UTC (rev 3591)
+++ branches/jss_dec_10/FINAL_JSS_TEX/FINAL_splitted/installing_starting_RKWard.tex	2011-05-22 18:33:34 UTC (rev 3592)
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
 \subsection{Installation on the GNU/Linux platform}
 Historically, \pkg{RKWard} originates on the GNU/Linux platform, and binary packages are available for many major
-distributions, including Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Gentoo, Fedora. Other POSIX compatible operating systems, i.e. FreeBSD, are basically working too. 
+GNU/Linux distributions, including Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Gentoo, Fedora, but also for other POSIX compliant systems such as FreeBSD. 
 On systems which provide up-to-date packages of \proglang{R} and \pkg{KDE}, compilation from source is generally unproblematic\footnote{
   See \url{http://p.sf.net/rkward/compilling} for details.
 }. The exact size of the installation is system dependent. On Debian x86, the package is currently around 1.5 MB (Megabyte) compressed,

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