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Figure placment in the supplemnt, and remove specific mention of tree and table widgets.

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@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@
 embeddable KPart might prove useful in future versions of \pkg{RKWard}, when better
 integration with office suites will be sought. Additionally \pkg{Qt} libraries offer 
 the encapsulation of the look-and-feel on specific platforms for a high degree of interoperability 
-and a wide selection of powerful widgets for highly configurable tree and table widgets \citep{Raaphorst2003}.
+and a wide selection of powerful widgets \citep{Raaphorst2003}.
 Another technology from the \pkg{KDE} libraries that is important to the development
 of \pkg{RKWard} is the ``XMLGUI'' technology
@@ -230,7 +230,7 @@
 \citep[see Section~\ref{sec:example_plugin} for an example; for a complete
 manual, see][]{Friedrichsmeier2010}:
  \includegraphics[clip=true,trim=0cm 6cm 0cm 0cm,width=8cm]{./figures/plugin_structure.pdf}
  \caption{Plugin structure of \pkg{RKWard}. One or more plugins are declared in a ``plugin map''. Each plugin is defined by

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