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 this project aimed to develop an S-like language but without inheriting memory
 and performance issues. The source code of R was finally released in 1995 and
 development has since evolved under the umbrella of the R Development Core Team
-since mid 1997 (\cite {RDCT2001}, \cite{RDCT2010}; \cite{Ihaka_Gentlemen_1993}).
+since mid 1997 \citep{RDCT2001, RDCT2010, Ihaka_Gentlemen_1993}.
 R does not include an advanced cross-platform GUI as known from other
 statistical software packages. However, R includes tools for building GUIs
-mainly based on Tlc/Tk (\cite{Dalgaard2001}, \cite{Dalgaard2002}). Since then a
+mainly based on Tlc/Tk \citep{Dalgaard2001, Dalgaard2002}. Since then a
 plethora of R GUIs have emerged (see \url{http://www.sciviews.org/_rgui/} for a
 comprehensive list). In 2005 John Fox released version 1.0 of R Commander which
 can be considered a milestone in R GUI development; this was the first GUI
@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@
 plots and data manipulation easily accessible for R novices as well as advanced
 users. However, John Fox stated that R Commander's target was to provide
 functionality for basic-statistical courses though functionality increased over
-time beyond this (\cite{Fox2005}). In November 2002 Thomas Friedrichsmeier
+time beyond this \citep{Fox2005}. In November 2002 Thomas Friedrichsmeier
 started the RKWard open-source software project with the goal to create an
 implementation of an R GUI based on KDE and Qt technologies.
@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@
 (see section \ref{Default Graphical User Interface Elements}).
 While RKWard tries to support users wishing to learn R, it is specifically not
-designed as a teaching tool (such as Rcmdr or TeachingDemos), but as a
+designed as a teaching tool (such as \pkg{Rcmdr} or \pkg{TeachingDemos}), but as a
 productive tool. This means that dialogs for statistical procedures in RKWard do
 not necessarily show a 1:1 correspondence to the underlying steps in R, but are
 rather oriented at statistical tasks. At the same time, RKWard provides a high

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@@ -244,8 +244,9 @@
-  author = {Ihaka R and Gentleman R},
+  author = {Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman},
   title = {A Free Software Project - A Brief History},
+  year = {1998},
   owner = {tux},
   timestamp = {2010.06.27},
   url = {http://cran.r-project.org/doc/html/interface98-paper/paper_2.html}

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